Dear Colorado musicians,

First of all: THANK YOU.

Second, as a young arts non-profit, we know how hard it can be to grow the impact of your art. With seismic shifts in the music industry in recent years, the grind can get downright discouraging sometimes.

Vocal Coalition (VOCO) would like to offer you an outside-the-box suggestion with a high impact yield: let kids sing your original songs WITH you in local choirs.

If that sounds meaningful to you, we want to partner with you. Here’s what Colorado artists are saying about working with VOCO:

“It’s extremely flattering to hear the kids sing my songs and learn all the words. It helps me realize how my music can connect with people of all ages.”
Danielle Ate the Sandwich

“It’s a real honor to have someone take the time to learn your song.” —Jonny 5, Flobots

“To hear people sing the songs you wrote back to you…it’s almost a spiritual experience. Especially when it’s kids, it automatically warms your heart and inspires you. It’s very special.”
Connie Hong, Ivory Circle

“It was awesome to have something like VOCO that could connect us with kids. Hip-hop often gets a bad name because of what mainstream rap sounds like. We were on a mission to change that perspective, and VOCO is one of the things that has helped us do that.”
—Owen Trujillo-Rodriguez, 2MX2

“They feel you. They understand you. Not only will they remember you, but they will take your words and your heart and your passion and they will pass it on long after you’re gone. And…isn’t that what every artist wants in the first place?”
—Larea Edwards, Spirit of Grace, Deep Pocket Thieves

You’re an artist. Don’t get boxed in by old systems and limiting beliefs. Grow your impact in meaningful ways with VOCO. Contact us at to explore your options.

P.S. For more artist testimonials, watch the video below.

One Love,

Travis Branam

Director of Vision, Vocal Coalition

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