Dear Colorado students and community members,

We know you’re ready to transform Colorado into a place where people can live and work together with mutual respect and understanding.

But there’s a problem: we’re divided. BIG time. Two things keep us divided in Colorado:

  1. division between communities

  2. Your inner doubt about your ability to defeat division

Don’t doubt yourself, change-maker. You are the answer Colorado has been waiting for. If you’re willing to take risks, face your doubts, and step into your power through music, Vocal Coalition (VOCO) is ready to help you make that change.

At VOCO, we believe music is the universal language. When share musical moments with others, we open the door to individual and collective transformation. Through modern youth choir experiences, VOCO will teach you how to engage music as a tool to unite divided communities, defeat existing divisions, and transform our state.

Here’s what students and community members are saying about the impact of their VOCO experience:

“There was kind of a spiritual connection.”

“It was the most beautiful moment of transformation I’ve ever had at a show.”

“It feels refreshing.”

“It feels personal.”

“It helps me practice community in new ways.”

“When you’re a part of it, you feel it.”

“You’re building your city in a way you don’t get to anywhere else in your life.”

For you to transform Colorado through music, some old traditions need to be set aside. Here’s what you can expect from VOCO:

  1. Relatable. Our song repertoire comes from current music styles (including hip-hop) that you will connect with in powerful ways.

  2. Relevant. Our concerts explore topics that matter to Colorado students and are designed to bring diverse communities together.

  3. Modern. The VOCO vibe is unapologetically modern. By focusing on the present, we can co-create the future together.

It’s time, change-maker. You are the answer Colorado has been waiting for. Don’t settle for division; defeat it. Unite with VOCO’s network of change-makers through one of our Alliances today and transform our divided state into a place teeming with mutual respect, understanding, and compassion. It starts with you.

Travis Branam

Executive Director, Vocal Coalition

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