At Vocal Coalition (VOCO), we know you’d love to build a Colorado that can live and work together with mutual respect and understanding. The problem is we tend to get stuck in our own perspectives and close ourselves off to the experiences of others. That closing off makes us feel trapped in the way things are, and even discouraged to try to make them better.

Music gives us a safe and meaningful way to acknowledge how much we are alike while exploring experiences that shape our perspectives to be very different. That’s why we created VOCO, a youth choir concept that brings Colorado students of all identities together to build bridges across divides to create social change. With support from individual donors, Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, Denver Arts and Venues, Arts In Society and more, VOCO empowers students to take the lead in creating social change in Colorado.

Don’t close yourself off. Be open. Let's build something together.

One Love,

Travis Branam

Leader, Vocal Coalition

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Vocal Coalition currently leverages three Alliances to build social cohesion across Central Colorado: The Student Alliance choir, the Artistic Alliance, and the School Alliance (learn more below).

Generally speaking, we work with students and performing artists both in and out of schools in two- month cycles that culminate in a large community programs that bring communities together.

Each cycle consists of:

  • Community Design Team meetings

  • In-school and out-of-school rehearsals

  • Discussions that bridge cultural divides

  • Impactful interaction and collaboration with Colorado artists

  • A culminating performance

The Student Alliance (our choir) is made up of student leaders who want to be catalysts for social change and cohesion through music in Colorado. They lead the Vocal Coalition Community Design Team and perform in the culminating concerts for each cycle.

The School Alliance is comprised of music educators who believe Vocal Coalition aligns with the values of their school community and with Colorado State Music Education Standards. Schools in the School Alliance join Coalition concert events of their choosing, and can even engage VOCO to help them create their own event.

The Artistic Alliance is made up of Colorado artists in any musical genre who leverage their music and messages through VOCO to cultivate mutual respect and understanding across Colorado.