Ethnocentrism, noun. Evaluating other cultures through the lens of one's own culture.

The Trance of ethnocentrism is troubling, but we don’t have to let this divide us.

TEDx MileHigh presenters in 2017, Vocal Coalition (VOCO) is a new kind of choir focused on bringing people together. Our mission: unifying equity-minded humans through music.

Our Student Alliance choir program is for 5th-12th grade students who:

  • want an inclusive community to sing with

  • feel troubled by the division they see in society

  • believe that music is supposed to connect us, not divide us

The Trance is cruel, but you can break it. Division is real, but you can heal it. Join the Student Alliance today and become the change you want to see in your community.


One Love,

Travis Branam
Leader, Vocal Coalition