student alliance agreement 

Coalition Values: Equity, Dignity, Community.

What we CAN promise you if you join the Coalition:

  • You will be trained by trusted, equity-minded Colorado music artists and community members from across the spectrum of cultural identity.

  • You will almost exclusively learn original songs written by Colorado artists in Alliance Song Circles.

  • Coalition leadership will fiercely guard the integrity of your Song Circle at all times.

What we do NOT promise:

  • We do not promise that you will always agree with Coalition methods.

    • Instead, we promise to show up with empathy and compassion to hard conversations with you about our methods and about the Trance.

  • We do not promise that Coalition leadership will not make mistakes.

    • No one is protected to the effects of the Trance. Instead, leadership promises to seek healing pathways when mistakes happen.

  • We do not promise protection from the Trance’s cruelty.

    • As you are unifying equity-minded humans through music, The Trance will probably hurt you more than once. Since we cannot promise protection from it, we promise to fiercely guard each circle’s integrity at all times, and to help you seek healing pathways when the Trance causes damages that need repair.

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