School Alliance


Since 2017, sixteen Metro Area schools have been a part of our VOCO School Alliance. School Alliance choirs unite with other school choirs in a VOCO program of their choosing. As they prepare for their concert and deliver their performance, students build bridges of mutual respect and understanding between their communities.

Here’s what Denver Area teachers are saying about their School Alliance experience:

“VOCO validates the community your school is in.”
- Leslie Costley, Music Teacher, Cowell Elementary, Denver Public Schools

“In our Bilingual Parent Advisory Council, parents shared that they thought (the VOCO program) was the best event we've ever had at our school.”
-Shayley Levensalor, Principal, Cowell Elementary, Denver Public Schools

“VOCO has changed my entire philosophy on music education. It’s given my students an opportunity to express themselves in ways traditional music can’t. This program has been so important for my students and my community. “
- Kelly Bailey, South Middle School Band/Vocal Director, Aurora Public Schools

“My students now have an even deeper love for music- which spills over to choral music- from participating in this experience. By finding something they could connect to so deeply, it opened doors they didn't even know existed. The VOCO experience can’t be beat.”
- Edwina Lucero, STRIVE Prep Excel, Denver Public Schools

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School Alliance Schools since 2017:

Arvada West High School (Jeffco)
Denver North High School (Denver)
KIPP Northeast Leadership Academy
Strive Prep Excel (Denver)
Strive Prep Rise (Denver)

Columbia Middle School (Aurora)
DSST Green Valley Ranch (Denver)
East Middle School (Aurora)
Kepner Beacon Middle School (Denver)
Silver Hills Middle School (Adams 12)
Skinner Middle School (Denver)
Slavens K-8 (Denver)
South Middle School (Aurora)
STEM School Highlands Ranch (Douglas County)

Cowell Elementary (Denver)
Wilmore-Davis Elementary (Jeffco)