Leader of the Coalition: Travis Branam
Contact: voco@hncollective.org


Travis has an uncanny way of effecting a confluence of music and human need that profoundly shapes community involvement with inclusiveness; a model for all of us.
--Duain Wolfe, Colorado Symphony Chorus

Travis is PASSIONATE. He is a leader that is not only musically accomplished but is inspiring, allowing his passion and joy to overflow into rehearsal and uplift every choir member. He is an encourager, purposefully speaking truth into the lives of young artists.
--Emma Bechler, Coalition Alumna and Founding Member

Travis has a love for children and music that is unrivaled. His dedication to the arts and to their preservation through community has positively affected my life, my children, my music, and our city. I stand in awe as he unites musicians with young people, changing both for the better. His passion is infectious and inspiring. Iā€™m proud to call him my friend.
-- Lady Larea, Spirit of Grace and Deep Pocket Thieves

Travis is a dedicated, organized, hard-working individual who genuinely cares about the students and artists he works with. He is honest, reliable, and has a very welcoming presence that puts the people around him at ease. His teaching methods make it easy for people of all ages to learn, and his enthusiasm creates a comfortable and fun environment that encourages everyone to participate.
--Juice ET Hugo Rodriguez, MC, 2MX2

Travis is also Assistant Conductor of the Colorado Symphony Chorus and Worship Pastor at the Lakewood Church of Christ.