Dear Colorado Educators,

THANK YOU for your commitment to your students, their learning, and to having a transformational impact on young lives.

Like you, we know that modern students don’t just want to get a great education. They want to find ways to leverage their skills, passions, and power to create social change.

Through our Vocal Coalition (VOCO) School Alliance program, you can empower your students to leverage their musical skills to create positive social change in Colorado. Through modern, relevant, relatable song repertoire that fits within a student-designed theme, students unite through VOCO in ways that build division-defeating bridges between communities and culminate in a transformational concert experience your community will never forget.

Here’s what some Colorado teachers are saying about their School Alliance experience:

“VOCO has changed my entire philosophy on music education. It’s given my students an opportunity to express themselves in ways traditional music can’t. This program has been so important for my students and my community. “

—Kelly Bailey, South Middle School Band/Vocal Director,
Aurora Public Schools

“My students now have an even deeper love for music- which spills over to choral music- from participating in this experience. It spoke to them on a level that is different than the standard choral repertoire most classroom experiences tend towards. By finding something they could connect to so deeply, it opened doors they didn't even know existed. The VOCO experience can’t be beat.”

—Edwina Lucero, STRIVE Prep Excel, Denver Public Schools

Here are our 2019-2020 program themes:

  • September 27, 2019: Reach Out a Hand: Destigmatizing Mental Health (Only 1 choir spot left!)
    Through local music, conversation, resource discovery and more, Reach Out a Hand will explore some of the challenges we face during our life journeys and how to help ourselves and others when those challenges come. In partnership with Bianca Mikahn of Denver creative wellness program Check Your Head, participating choirs will experience healing-centered engagement throughout their shared musical experience. 

  • November 8, 2019: Beaming With Pride: LGBTQ+ Acceptance
    (1 choir spot left!)
    Participating choirs collaborate with Colorado LGBTQ+ youth, artists, and organizations to share songs and stories that compassionately build bridges of understanding while honoring the light inside everyone. 

  • February 25, 2020: Black Music Matters 3.0
    (FULL- no spots left)
    Back by popular demand, Black Music Matters tells the story of the black experience from Africa to Colorado through music, narration, and dance. This year’s program will be held at The Robert and Judi Newman Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Denver. 

  • April 2020: Roots: A Colorado Music Celebration
    (2 choir spots left)
    takes participating choirs on a diverse musical journey that celebrates some of the Colorado songs and artists that make our state so special.

There are only five choir spots left in our School Alliance for next season, so act fast. Fill out our School Alliance Interest Form today and we’ll contact you soon.

We hope to unite with you and your students through music very soon. Have a great summer!

One Love,

Travis Branam

Director of Vision, Vocal Coalition

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